Decolonize DNA Day

Carrie Diaz Eaton:

B(ui)lding Community and Practices for a New Data Science Education in Biology

Dr. Diaz Eaton is a professor at Bates College, and today she gave an insightful Twitter talk as a part of Decolonize DNA Day. She describes herself as having diverse background, personally and professionally, that allow her to cross traditional boundaries when it comes to education. For instance, she co-founded a site called QUBES, which not only brings together educators from math and science fields (both of which are her specialties) but the community as well; she even took part in running a conference that was referred to as an “unconference” in which the community drove the discussion, which is virtually unheard of in the scientific community. A big advocate of open science, Dr. Diaz Eaton offers educators to join her B(ui)ld (Biological Universal and Inclusive Learning in Data Science) networking program. It not only promotes inclusivity, good ethics, and accessibility by allowing educators of all backgrounds to connect and share resources, but also allows for open access and transparency with the community. In closing, she cements this idea with one of my favorite quotes from the talk: “Acknowledge data are power, but are not the only way of knowing”.

In case you want to learn more about Decolonize DNA day or collaborative open science, Dr. Diaz Eaton’s talk is linked below!

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