“So Far, so Good”

So far, so good – that’s what I tell my family when they ask how school’s going. It’s crazy that I’ll only be saying that for one more year…and then what?

When I first got to Keene State, I didn’t even have a declared major. I knew I was interested in the sciences, but it wasn’t until the end of that first semester that I chose Biology as my major, and Studio Art as my minor. There’s something about having the ability to work hands-on to problem solve and create that I love about both art and science. Last semester I took a photography class, and for my final project I made a book of the photographs I took of the lab; for the first time in my college career, I was able to truly combine my interests…and it didn’t feel like work.

While I sometimes question how realistic it is to find a job that allows me to do both things, I know that that feeling is the one I want to chase. Whether it be in scientific illustration, wildlife photography, or something completely different, this is the dream…and I am extremely grateful to have peers and faculty here in both departments that are so supportive of that. While I do worry about the uncertainty of what’s next, I’m excited to see what opportunities the future holds.

One thought on ““So Far, so Good”

  1. Morgan says:

    I think the fact that you are considering wildlife photography so cool. Its not often that you meet an individual that majors in a science to go out and turn that into an art.

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